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April 27, 2011


Me: Ugh! The bus driver almost didn’t let me off at my stop again!

Him: Why not?

Me: I pushed the thingy but she didn’t open the back-back door, just the regular back door, so I had to like, barrel up there and shove my way out.

Him: Did the driver make you pay in the front but enter through the back door, and then while you were walking to the back door, did the bus driver drive away?

Me: Um. No?

Him: Oh. Then you probably had a good bus ride.

Me: You need to stop reading so much children’s literature. It’s warping your brain….

Me: …. also, shut up.

Boyfriend’s Latest Read:

Claudette Colvin: Twice Towards Justice by Phillip Hoose

You can read my review here

April 23, 2011

hot date

My boyfriend asks me things like this:

“Sooo…. would you be interested in playing beer pong and going to a bar with Dave and Lisa and [insert other people I don’t know] tonight?”

And I say things like:

“Um, I have to work tomorrow,

and Dave and Lisa probably are going to a bar by their place (and therefore barely accessible to us, by public transport),

and there’s laundry downstairs,

and I have homework/reading to do that simply MUST do tonight! There’s NO OTHER TIME!”

On Saturday nights, I am usually a dirty liar.

Things I Accomplished On This Average Saturday Evening:

– Rearranging (i.e. making a complete mess of) all of my books

– Updating all of the blogs-that-I-follow bookmarks

– Watching episodes of My Drunk Kitchen

– Stuffing myself silly on homemade pizza, garlic bread, salad, and Disaranno & Fancy, Local Sodas

– Browsing food blogs for tasty recipes to cook next month

But at about 9:01, my boyfriend left the apartment to catch a couple of buses and be a social beer-pong-butterfly.

At about 9:02, I turned on an episode of Mad Men and poured myself another glass of wine.

At about 9:03, my boyfriend reappeared, announcing that the trip was canceled, Dave&Lisa&co were staying in with takeout instead.

The Moral of the Story?

I did homework on a Saturday night as to not shame myself.

Lance watched a great deal of overtime hockey,

and read one of those books I left lying around.

April 4, 2011

the world is a glass overflowing with water

I. I like my apartment and I get to stay for another year

Here is a picture of some of my apartment.

Isn’t it nice?

And by “nice”, I mean “full of my stuff”?

II. My syllabus

As much as I miss being able to read whatever I want…

I also like having to read books.

As long as they are good.

I feel like when I am done with grad school,

I should recruit Children’s Lit people to write me up a syllabus every quarter,

or something.

III. Music


IV. Weather for Running

The only running-related pictures I have

are of my littlest sister

because she runs a lot.

(She’s the one in the middle)

V. This Boy

He makes me quite happy.

(That picture was taken

5 years ago)


March 15, 2011

that boy

Saturday night, 12:45 a.m. South Huntington Avenue

Getting off the train

Getting a piece of pizza

Him: What is on your hands?

Me: Huh?

Him: You have black stuff all over you!

Me: Oh! Ah! I always touch stuff on the stupid T. What do I touch! Gah! How am I supposed to eat pizza if I can’t touch it?

Him: I guess I’ll have to feed it to you.

Me: Thanks. I’m really hungry. Maybe I can just wrap the paper plate around it…

Him: Oh, I’m going to steal your coat, by the way.

Me: What?

Him: It’s all dirty. From the train.

Me: But what will I wear? How will I keep warm?

Him: You can wear my coat. And two sweatshirts. And two pairs of socks. And a scarf.

Me: I guess I could do that.

Him: I’ll get it dry cleaned. On Tuesday.

Me: Oh, thanks.

February 14, 2011


Last semester was such a mess, it’s not surprising that I’m feeling comparatively chipper lately.

But I’m still not sure why.

Still working 30 hours a week.

Still taking 2 classes.

Still sticking to the same routines.

Maybe it’s because I’m finally feeling social and mobile, dancing around Boston, visiting friends, spending too much money, staying out late and being thoroughly 25 (or 21?).

Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so peppy?

Or maybe it’s because my boyfriend is growing a beard.

Mmmm…. yeah. Gotta be the beard.


January 23, 2011

Love Letter 2011

Dear Lance,

This is late. This is the first time since I started this little January 22nd tradition that I’ve been late.

Yesterday? There just wasn’t the time.

Yesterday, I woke up next to you on an air mattress wearing yesterday’s clothes. Crashed. Friday night turned from a friendly social call into an all night beer-ponging, FourLoko-swilling, bar-hopping evening.

It was a flashback – quite similar to what we were doing the night we met, or January 22, 2004, or any number of normative evenings at Central Michigan University – but better. In seven years, we have nicer apartments and queen-sized air mattresses for guests, our hosts make us eggs before sending us on our way, and we rehydrate with coconut water from Whole Foods.

The weather was cold but the sun was out. Our legs are still young, capable, healthy… why not walk the 3 miles home from Brighton Center? So we did. We walked and walked and talked and talked – piecing together details from the previous evening, debating the craziness that is the US food industry, talked about setting goals and motivating yourself to complete them. When we arrived home, our shoes were soaked, our bodies still dizzy and hungover, but we had just enough time to shower and put together a grocery list before leaving to run our Saturday errands.

The day unraveled quickly after that – two grocery stores and a library, a dinner reservation at 6:30, cake and presents with friends. After four courses at the Melting Pot and minuscule slices of Chocolate Guinness Cake – not to mention the residual queasiness of the previous evening’s bacchanal – running down the street for birthday drinks wasn’t on the table.

Turned in early.

Went to bed without a free hour to sit and contemplate the past seven years, and to compose this letter to you.

It was the first anniversary out of seven where we had the entire day together.

It’s easy to forget to be sentimental because now, this is our life. We wake up, we try not to shove each other out of bed reaching for the alarm clock, we work, we play, we go to sleep and wake up together the next morning.

I will ask you, every Saturday morning, what you want to eat for your lunches. You will walk through the apartment twice before taking off your snow-covered shoes.

When I’m having a shitty day, I will send you suicidal text messages and wait for you to get home so I can cry. In five to seven days, you will catch my cold.

I’m still processing what happened last semester. Maybe it was our respective workloads, but sometimes I felt like we were on different planets, maybe even revolving around different suns. Our time together was scant, reserved for a few shared meals every week, a few moments awake, lying in bed and staring up at the ceiling before sleep, those harrowing Boston car rides from JP to Brookline to do our weekly shopping.

At a time in my life when I am feeling so uncertain about my place, my future, my career, it’s easy for you and your priorities to seem far away, even as we share meals, bills, laundry baskets, common colds.

But in the end, there are days like yesterday – sweet days when we have nothing to do but take a long walk in the snow and stuff ourselves with cake – and nights when we stare at the ceiling for three minutes and talk about our cat before we fall asleep.

You are still here. We are still here. A lot happens in a year, in seven years, in a lifetime. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to think about it. But it’s here. It’s still here.

We are still walking together in the snow, holding hands, every day.

Happy anniversary, love.



May 10, 2009

get out of the kitchen

When I like you a lot, I will cook for you.

Not only do I think highly enough to spend my time/energy/stress-hormones on these special people, I also feel safe enough to risk making a fool of myself when my food doesn’t turn quite to plan…

I like my Mom a lot. So I made her an omelet with these farm-fresh, rainbow tinted eggs that a library board member left for the staff.

She didn’t mind that it was a little too runny AND a little too browned.

I like my mom SO much, that I would make her a dessert. A special dessert of cupcakes! Fancy cupcakes. Fancy, delicious cupcakes made specially by me. And when does ONE batch of cupcakes ever seem like enough? I’ll bake a double batch. So much cupcake batter, it touches the brim of the mixer bowl.

So many cupcakes, you have to double stack on the cooling racks, and put the cooked cakes back INTO the empty cupcake pans….


Oh, did I mention that I got messy?

Lance was here. When I had to leave the room for a few minutes, he stepped in and made himself useful.

And about 6 hours later, they were done.


The nice thing about making 54 cupcakes? I had plenty to drop on the floor (2) break in half (3) and glaze with this rum-lime-sugar glaze that I might have cooked a LITTLE too long, creating some kind of sour caramel that welds your jaws shut with one bite (6)

So the vegan in the house had to eat her cupcakes naked. I used a recipe from Martha Stewart to whip up some cream cheese frosting for the rest of us lactose-eaters, sprinkled on a little sweetened coconut, and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Vegan Coconut & Lime Cupcakes

from Mac & Cheese

1 ⅔ cups granulated sugar
⅔ cup vegetable oil
1 14-ounce can coconut milk (we found it by the Asian foods!)
¼ cup rice or soy milk
¼ cup lime juice, (key lime or regular)
3 tablespoons grated lime zest
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 ½ cup shredded coconut, (sweetened or unsweetened)

  • For the cake, combine sugar, oil, coconut milk, rice milk, lime juice and zest, and vanilla in a large bowl.
  • Sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt into the wet ingredients in batches, mixing well after each addition. Mix in the coconut.
  • Pour the batter into a greased mini-cupcake pan, and bake for 18 minutes in a pre-heated 350° oven, or until the cake is done. Let cool.

So when I finished, I was a little tired, covered in every ingredient listed above, had loaded and unloaded 4 washers full of dishes, and I still had committed to roasting some asparagus for dinner
(di-VINE, by the way), and oh, Lance was hanging around the house and occasionally setting up my computer in the kitchen so I could watch freshly-downloaded episodes of Season 5 of LOST while I sifted and zested my little heart out.

I just love my Mommy so much.

May 1, 2009

all things go, all things go


This is the nicest, most stylish hotel in which I have ever set foot.

This is me, and my boyfriend, in it.

(He is wearing clothes, in case your mind was in the gutter)

(We are watching Bill Maher on The Nicest HD TV I have ever watched when I wasn’t in a Best Buy)

(I am happy)

March 19, 2009

friday five. oh wait, it’s thursday


I finally got around to updating my Latest Obsessions. Check ’em on out. I mean, I’m fairly obsessed, so they’ve got to be pretty good, right?


I am reading a book, that I won’t go out and NAME…. but it may have recently won a major young adult award, and I am decidedly not liking it. In fact, the only reason I am hanging on to it is because it won said award, and therefore something amazing is surely going to jump out and impress me. Right? As of yet, though, I have little emotional attachment to the characters – I can’t even tell which ones are which really – the premise is weird (a turf war? huh?) and… well… I’m just not loving it.

Normally I don’t blog about books I don’t like, but this has to be said:

Frankie, you got robbed.

And also, I hope they make a movie out of you.

Just sayin’.


Boyfriend: Are you going to bed now, too?

Me: Eh, I’m not too tired.

Boyfriend: Then what will you do?

Me: I guess I have this movie to watch. Well, it’s a low budget Christian propaganda film, starring Kirk Cameron.

Boyfriend: Interesting.

Me: I don’t really know why I want to watch it. It’s about how to save your marriage…. I don’t even have a marriage.

Boyfriend: Well when you do, I bet you’ll be good at it.


I am shamefully addicted to this website. It’s a place mainly where people log their acceptances or rejections to various graduate programs. Even though there are less than a dozen results pertaining to Lib Sci (including my 2), I still like to check it every few hours.

Shut up. Leave me alone.


Remember my whining about not having enough money to pay for crap this week?

My mother pre-paid for my haircut without my knowlege.

Oh, I love my mommy.

And yes, I also got a white-washed facial treatment.

Don’t be jealous.