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April 15, 2009

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg

This book is part of the fairly new phenomenon of Bloggers Writing Books. I’ve long been an advocate of Blogs By Book Writers (meaning they wrote the books first) I’m not sure how I feel about this new clashing of media. I read Gluten-Free Girl by Shauna James-Ahern because I liked her blog, particularly, this story. The book I found good, but not transcendent. A very foodie book, which is probably transcendent for those who suffer from Celiac Disease, but despite my interest in food, I am not interested in the differences between Amaranth flour and Rice flour, nor will I go into debt over a bottle of olive oil. THAT BEING SAID, I did finish Gluten-Free Girl in less than a day – very engaging, well-written, and interesting – even to a  non-foodie, non-gluten-free girl 🙂

Anyway. The point I’m trying to make is, I picked up Gluten-Free Girl because of Shauna’s blog.

But I picked up A Homemade Life because it was chilling on the table at Barnes and Noble, and I brought it home later from the library because I’d heard many-a-good word about it. Only after I read a few chapters, got sucked in, and hid it from myself until vacation did I notice the ornate red text running under the author’s name:

“The creator of Orangette”

I’d never read Orangette before this book, but I have definitely added it to my blog reading list (which recently warranted the creation a Foodie category, btw). This book is a treat. It’s a great example of how blogging can beget good writing – it’s full of personal essays that lead the reader toward a recipe, a recipe that played a role in the author’s life. The recipes aren’t fancy – nothing so strange that you’d need a picture to ease you into eating it. Riffs on home-cooking, mostly. Banana-bread with chocolate chips and candied ginger. Her late father’s potato salad. But really, the recipes were second billing to the stories. Scoops of the author’s life, some amusing, some tragic, some romantic, some fanciful, some heart-wrenchingly sad. It’s a book about food for people who like life more than they like food, really.

Loved every page of it, and handed it directly to my mother. It’s just that kind of book.

Kind of makes me wish every one of my favorite bloggers had a book like this to show off with.

Author’s Blog |Amazon Link

April 1, 2009

show and tell

Welcome to some new blogs I’ve just met.

I hope you like them as much as I do.

They are all just so pretty and fun.

Posie Gets Cozy

Prettines. Craftiness. AND CORGIS.

Matt Bites

I used to read this one back in the day when I only read 6 blogs (as opposed to 600).

Gorgeous food photography and adventurous eating can be found here.


Life’s mysteries, graphed, charted, and venn diagrammed on my favorite sized paper products.

Pretty Good

I wish my life was full of these photos!

Two Straight Lines

1) Pictures of adorable homemades 2) Gorgeous layout and adorable children 3) Author is from Michigan! I love people from Michigan 🙂

However, I don’t really like Michigan that much.


The layout makes me forget I’m looking at a computer screen

and the writing is honest



The world needs more honest bloggers.


Delicious, delightful Food Porn.

However, looking at actual porn at this volume/rapid changingness would make

most people sick.

Good thing it’s just food.

*All photos belong to their respective blog owners!*

March 24, 2009

motivation. inspiration. appreciation.

Still deciding if this malaise of mine is

A) Physical does this tickle in my throat mean something viral this way comes?

B) Mental stress – motivation = sad panda


C) Chemical switching certain medications has been known to induce a bout of the crazies, ya know

Yesterday I thought for sure I was getting sick. This morning I woke up perky and just… bored, so I thought mental. But on my way to work, I felt like a a truck ran over me – sickkkkk. BUT THEN, I scrounged around my desk space and found enough change to buy a Rockstar, and a few hours later I surprised myself to see that I was alert and alive! All in my head?

Or C)?

In regards to a comment made in my previous entry…

I don’t get excited by a lot of things lately. Everything is so tinged with worry that even the fun stuff turns into a burden. I’m going on some fun trips, but I’m already strapped for cash. I was geeked for grad school, but now I’m anxious about accruing debt and living far from home. I’m more than ready to move in with my main man, but I’m worried about cohabitation without marriage. I look forward to starting my career with a REAL job, but it’s not what I dream of. I don’t fall asleep at night dreaming of the day I have a librarian’s job. Don’t get me wrong – I’m quite passionate about my chosen profession – but I’m also passionate about things that don’t happen between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m, and am worried about how I will fit it all together. If I can physically craft the future I want, and if I can’t, should I really be investing 50 grand into this degree?

Do I want to be the Career Girl?

The Ambitious, Pulled Together Girl?

The Laid Back, Friendly Girl?

The Stay at Home Mommy Girl?

Doubts. Worries. Confusion.

So often, I look to the internet for guidance. For solace. And often, when the troubles of my day become so much my eyes start to cross, I look to NieNie.

Her blog affects me. Always has.

It shows that even in the worst of situations, good can grow.

And inspires me to glean the best of my life instead of dwelling on the worst.

hilariously retro halloween costumes

those perfect sentences, the ones that stick in your head for years…

simple dreams coming true

dave matthews

the best of your childhood

the power to change your world, or just your walls

And that’s just one month.

Dipping into the Nielson’s world just makes me feel better.

Makes me feel like whatever kind of girl I decide to be, I will always live in a beautiful world.