semester: over

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have successfully completed my Fall semester.

Now that I have some shreds of free time, I can focus my attention on the following more interesting activities:

Cleaning my apartment!

Every finals week, my apartment takes on a state of Unholy Mess. I run out of time to do things like care for myself and my surroundings, and my paper-writing process leaves something to be desired:

Just picture all that, in smaller indiscrete piles in random places around my very-small-pad.

Tomorrow, all I want to do is this:

1) Sleep until I don’t feel like sleeping anymore


Reviewing my Reading Year!

Yes, folks, it is THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN!!!!

Last year, I didn’t have the mental wherewithal to do much posting, but this year I am womanning up to the task. Starting SUNDAY, you will hear more about the books I read this year than you EVER wanted to know.

So stay tuned! Excitement awaits!


The endless temptation of my precipitous stack of library books… IS OVER!

I am celebrating by wading around knee-deep in as many books as I so choose.

I’m being rather cavalier about it too.

Will I read all of you, book? Eh, maybe not. Maybe I will just read 20 pages and then cast you aside for whichever shinier cover suits my ever-changing fancy. I’m cruel like that, book. I’m cruel.

Playing video games!

Thinking about 2012!!!!

Resolutions. Goals. Schedules. What do I want to do? What do I want to read? What do I want to accomplish?

2012 will be a big year. I have a lot on my plate next semester, work-wise, plus graduation, job searching, planning a move (somewhere… maybe down the street, maybe across the country).

Basically, I have a lot of stuff coming up that requires maximum thinking, and I will have a busy semester that most likely will not allow for maximum thinking. So I best get as much of it out of the way as I can…

Prying my shoulders away from my ears

This is literal and figurative. My shoulder are, in fact, inching upward as every day goes by. I’m in a significant amount of stress-related pain most days. Now I have some time to rest. But even though I have a lot of thinking/tasks to keep me busy, I hope I can… uh… stop being so manic for a little while.


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