I have been caught up trying to do a mass amount of reading for class this week.

Sabriel, why are you such a long book?

I didn’t know anything about necromancy until reading this book, and I am not sure that I am glad to now have such extensive knowledge on the topic.

Listen to this song. It’s creepy!

Also, I have a newfound suspicion of gates. Like the one at the new Whole Foods that has little fruits and veggies made of wrought iron.

And I am feeling inexplicable urges to ring bells at things. And sing this song.

The semester is more than half over. Registration time is a busy time at Job #1. Midterms and final papers are a busy time at Jobs #2 and #3. I have to make a 20 page website and an abstract&annotated bib for my final paper in the next 3 weeks.

Hopefully it won’t kill me.


One Comment to “sabriel”

  1. That is CREEPY! I like the rest of the songs on the album though (good for running), I just didn’t check that one out…maybe the name subconsciously turned me off.

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