new thing i do, pt 5

I haven’t watched a tremendous amount of television in the past five years or so. I mean, other than bad television, True Life, and the occasional marathon of something I’ve seen a million times. I watch The Office. I watch How I Met Your Mother. I watch Mad Men. Everything else, I wait until enough people tell me to watch it and there are 2 or 3 seasons to catch up on.

We recently had to cut out extended cable… On Demand… Showtime and HBO… which means no Teen Mom, no True Life (except for the 50+ episodes I’ve stocked on the DVR…) and no random episodes of Sex and the City or Bored to Death to watch at my leisure.

So now, I am watching every new show under the sun.

It’s shameful.



How I Met Your Mother

All the Haters need to quit. I don’t care how long it takes for The Mother to be revealed…

as long as I get to watch Jason Segel and NPH while I wait.

2 Broke Girls

On the fence about this one. It’s goofy, but there are some good jokes.

And I would probably watch Kat Dennings brush her teeth for 30 minutes a week, ya know?

Hart of Dixie

I am watching this right now, as I speak.

This is what’s going on:

A “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” lady just gave birth in someone’s sitting room,

the baby emerged clean and pink and free of viscera,

and the doctor said “She’s got good looks that would make Carrie Underwood jealous!”

I think that about sums it up!

The Sing Off

My love for The Sing Off should come at no surprise to any man, woman, or child.



New Girl

Apparently everyone thinks this show is anti-woman or something?

And that Zooey is trying too hard to seem weird when really she’s Just Another Manic Pixie Dreamgirl…

but it’s also funny! The camera shots and cinematography are a little Glee-ish, which I appreciate.

And YES I like to stare at Zooey Deschanel I am a red blooded HUMAN! What more do you WANT from me?




This one premieres tomorrow, but the trailer makes it look like a mix of Mean Girls and a teenaged Desparate Housewives.

Which is exactly up my alley, in case you were wondering.

Up All Night

Okay, I pretty much like this show.

(Will Arnett + Maya Rudolph) x Mommy Blog.

I hope it doesn’t get cancelled.



The Office

I have been devoted to The Office for a number of years, but maybe I’ve kept watching because I’m just devoted.

But last week’s episode really tickled me.

Michael Scott is gone, but I think I’m liking what’s going in the office this season!



Once Upon a Time

I like fairy tales.

I like Ginnifer Goodwin.

I like that girl who used to be on House

 (but I don’t like her blonde or marrying Ted Mosby. Just saying)

So maybe, I will like this show.

Pan Am

I am not sure how I feel about this show or the other Mad Men knock-offs hitting the air this season.

Is old fashioned misogyny just fun to watch now?

I’ll need to re-watch this week’s episode, but I am not sure that is the case with Pan Am. From what I could tell, the women are the focus of the show, and they are all quite resourceful in getting what they want out of life, and are pursuing a variety of non-female life paths…

like leaving men at the altar, living freewheeling and single…

and international espionage.

One Comment to “new thing i do, pt 5”

  1. There are so many things I like about this post. I too could watch Kat Dennings brush her teeth for a half an hour. Also I am feeling the same way about New Girl and Pan Am–great prospects but who knows. And yes, I am a blog stalker.

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