something new that i do, pt 4

I take more than the reccomended dosage of ibuprofen.

I schedule 8 minutes of neck stretches into every hour I spend sitting upright.

I only carry around what I can fit in my lunchbox (my sexy new purse), I take the bus so I won’t have to walk so much (sad), and I accept rides.

I have a scrip for muscle relaxers.

You see, I got my first massage a few weeks ago and my therapist gave me a very poor report. My scalene muscles are tight and short. My right trapezius is a few inches higher than my left. My shoulders are going to fuse with my neck. I need to stop carrying stuff on my right shoulder or I am going to die.

It was a stressful massage.

This, combined with the realization that every day I am sitting up for more than a few hours (see EVERY DAY) is a day that I am in pain, led me to the school clinic which led me to a recommendation for physical therapy.

I haven’t quite figured out the time/money part of that yet, but I’m not opposed. I went through a course of PT for this same shoulder when I was still in high school. It’s a muscle problem, so there was a lot of light strength training (stretching bands around) and then a lot of different massages from guys who were cute and close to my age.

I didn’t like it when they rubbed a frozen Dixie cup full of water on me until it melted, but at this point, I’d rather feel almost anything than the actual sensations emanating from right-upper-trap.

In the meantime, I’ll just lie down a lot. Laying down is the best medicine! And it makes reading 100 books before in 10 months or less completely possible.


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