here are some things i have done right lately

1. Got A’s in both of my Spring classes and both of my Summer classes while working 30+ hours a week.

Not A-minuses. A’s.

2. Cleaned out five years worth of emails out of my inbox, and maintained “Inbox Zero” for three months.

3. Finished reading my 91st book of 2011.

4. Scrounged up the following large sums of money in the past 12 months:

  • 2,000 to purchase a new car for Lance to drive to work and back
  • 3oo to fly home to watch my younger sister graduate from high school
  • 400 to fix two of my five cavities
  • 4,500 to pay for my health insurance from January 2011 to May 2012
  • 300 for new tires on the new car

Without a trust fund. Without significant help from family. Without carrying any credit card debt. Without taking out additional student loans. Without turning tricks on any street corners.

5. Lost five pounds since Sept 1st.

6. Received unsolicited invitations to apply for two sought-after jobs/internships and offered positions.

7. Had a whole bunch of friends over at my apartment to play board games and everyone had a grand time.

8. Have made it through 2+ years of grad school and an increasingly crazy schedule with only once being late for class (under five minutes), only once going to the wrong place at the wrong time, and never missing an assignment deadline.

9. Maintained a good relationship with my best Boston friend for 2+ years, even after we became roommates (and she became roommates with my boyfriend and my cat…)

10. Maintained a good relationship with my boyfriend after living together for 2+ years, after being together for 7+ years, after 2+ years of long distance, after meeting when we were both eighteen in a BAR…

So hey, World? Would you quit kicking me around this week?



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