something new that i do, pt 3

A story:

Last week, I needed to buy a pound of coffee. With my fancy (read: indulgent) Starbucks Gold Card, I get a free tall drink of my choice with the purchase of a bag of coffee. Naturally, I thought this would be a great time to have my inaugural PSL of the season:

I also had some reading to get done that day. Surprise, surprise, right? So, I dream up this little pleasing scenario for myself:

1) Wake up super early

2) Grab my seasonal latte and make it to the library by 8 a.m.

3) Drink, enjoy my caffeine buzz, and read for two hours before work.

What a lovely Thursday morning, eh?

So. Things go smoothly until Step 2.

(Okay, that’s a lie. A bus drove by my stop without stopping, the one that stopped next was really crowded, and at one point, a bunch of really perky evangelists boarded the bus and attempted to convert all of us commuters, loudly, en masse. But this is nothing too out of the ordinary.)

The Starbucks is a bit of a madhouse. I wait in a long line. The barista takes my order from a few feet away, over the heads of some lingering patrons.

I am not at all surprised when my latte arrives with a singular shot of espresso.

I am surprised when I can’t bring myself to finish my beloved PSL because without the extra shot,  I can’t handle the SUGAR.

My efforts to cut back on the delicious white stuff was not for naught.

I am now a person that drinks coffee with cream.

And that’s it.

It all started with that pesky Pioneer Woman. She posted this “recipe” for cold-brewed iced coffee in June, and I tried it right away. Her photos were just too seductive.

Ree’s daily coffee:

My daily coffee:

An absence of glam, yes. But look at all that coffee! In a giant measuring cup! Whenever you want to drink it! I’ve started using canned coconut milk instead of regular, which is about as delish as you are imagining.

I am now a person who gets up and moves directly toward caffeine, without detour.

But Pioneer Woman, can you answer me this one question:

How the heck do you clean coffee grounds out of cheesecloth?

Take some glamorous pictures and get back to me.


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