something new that i do, pt 1

I’ve picked up a lot of bizarre habits in the past few months.

I’m starting not to recognize myself.

For example, I am apparently the kind of person who

Runs first thing in the morning.

(Oh, don’t worry, there’s no snow on the ground, this is an old morning picture)

(Oh, and don’t worry. I run in the morning, but it is a sorry affair. If I am up, dressed, and out of my apartment before 8 a.m., then I’m allowed to walk as much of that sad little one-mile loop as I feel like)


3 Comments to “something new that i do, pt 1”

  1. Since you’re a runner, I suggest a road race! Maybe the Oak Scare 5K or the Susan G Komen 5K?

    • Can you teach me how to go from running 1-2 sad miles to 3.1 not-so-sad miles in a month?

      Are you running one of these?

      • I may run the Oak Scare. It’s a nice small race and the shirts are fun. The secret to running farther is to slow down. If you can consistently run a couple of miles and get exhausted, try slowing down from the beginning.

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