out in space

It is possible that I have out-busied myself this semester.

Yes, yes. Quite possible. Even though my previous semesters have all felt fairly overwhelming, this one might outdo all my past semesters. Put them to shame.

It’s not an unpleasant feeling. (Yet). But it’s disconcerting. I arrived five minutes late to my second library class of the semester. There wasn’t much I could have done to remedy the situation, but I haven’t really been a late kind of person in a few years. It was strange. But the strangest part was that I didn’t really… care. “I will be late,” I said to myself. “But I won’t be that late, and I won’t be the latest person into class.”

Both were true.

Maybe things will feel different once my “regular” schedule begins next week. When the ebb and flow of my weeks, of the semester starts to settle in. But right now, I feel like time is already zipping by. Things are due SOON, I’m already blowing things off without even acknowledging that they blew past me, and I’m having to schedule things like What to Eat for Lunch and When to Take a Shower.

I think the Controlled Frenzy can be attributed to the following causes:

+ Job #1 has brought me a bit more responsibility, which leads to things like more phone calls, emails, and other tasks I haven’t done consistently yet.

+ At Job #2, it’s the beginning of a new school year!! That means LOTS OF QUESTIONS and little downtime at the old ref desk.

+ I am reading MASS amounts of sci-fi books in any spare moment.

+ Jobs #2 and #3 are requiring Beginning of the School year training and such.

+ Oh yeah, there’s a Job #3 now.

Mostly, it’s the reading. Constantly looming. I’m never caught up.

If I’m not here, I have my nose in another dimension or atmosphere or era. Last night I said goodbye medieval magic-land, Prydain, and today said hello to both post-apocalyptic, magical West Africa and a future planetary colony of Earth.

Basically, I have no idea where I am.

I might be late, but I’m doing fine.




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