back to school for the nineteenth time

And just like that, summer has ended.

Oh, you say that autumn doesn’t begin for another two weeks? Well, you are wrong. The fall season begins when SCHOOL begins, and I hate to break it to you, but school is now IN SESSION.

(Alternate acceptable answer: when Summer Reading Program ends)

I am, sadly, not full of New Semester excitement. At all.

Reason #1: I am taking Science Fiction and Fantasy… and very few of my friends will be joining me since they all took it last year and/or graduated.

Reason #2: I have to switch from a leisurely, albeit crazy-ish, schedule to something more regularly grueling. I have nixed the 12 hour day, but my schedule will look a bit like this, once everything kicks in:

Monday: 10 hour day

Tuesday: 3 hour day, + homework

Wednesday: 8.5 hour day

Thursday: 9 hour day

Friday: 8.5 hour day

Saturday: Weekend day!!

Sunday: 4 hour day

And that’s just work/class. That does not include commuting, exercising, cooking, cleaning, or doing homework I can’t squeeze into Tuesday.

Reason #3: I have to go to bed early and get up early again. Crap.

Reason #4: There is a reason grad programs are only 2 years long. BECAUSE THEY START TO DRIVE YOU COMPLETELY MAD AFTER THAT POINT AND YOU WANT TO KILL THINGS ALL DAY!

Reason #5: I have five broken teeth.

Reason #6: I had a massage and the massage man told me that my shoulder blade was a few inches higher than it should be and I need to stop carrying anything on my shoulder otherwise it would never heal and hurt me for always.


Reason #7: I don’t know when I get home and when Lance gets home and what to make for dinner and what to buy at the store.

Reason #8: It looks like this outside –

Okay, that is making me sound depressed. I am not depressed. I’m just not jumping up and down in my new school clothes clutching my notebooks and setting goals. I’m choosing to read this as a positive. You see, I’ve been at this student thing for so long, maybe I’ve finally figured it out. I’m not feeling geeked, but I’m also not feeling overly stressed. It will all work out.

If it doesn’t… well… only one more back-to-school after this FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!


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