this is what happened during Irene

1. We cleaned our apartment pretty much top to bottom. And rearranged the bedroom.

2. We did grocery shopping early and bought non-perishable, stove-free dinners (read: farmer’s market tomatoes + basil on a french baguette with mayo) and bottled water.

3. I stayed up too late drinking a Hurricane or two.

4. The next morning, I couldn’t sleep off my hurricane after-effects because the wind was being too windy.

5. Lance and I made an executive decision to get the heck out of bed because the windy wind was bending a large tree toward our bedroom window with increasing vigor. (Note: the tree is still standing, although we monitored it closely throughout the day)

6. I cried about forgetting to put in our cold-brewed iced coffee together before bed (see: Hurricanes), and Lance brewed me some espresso.

7. We ventured out of the house in the afternoon to find that life was still going on. People were, in fact, dining at restaurants. What was surprising: people were strangely interested in eating the food at 7-11. Like, every person in there was really excited about 7-11 pizza and wings and such. (Note: we were buying energy drinks and dishwasher soap)

8. After it became evident that the power was *probably* not going out, we did all the laundry, folded it all and put it ALL AWAY. I need a hurricane every Sunday, people.

9. I started to contemplate how stupid weather reporting is. I am all for being sensible and safe, but was getting a little ridiculous. It seemed our forecast was getting more and more favorable as Irene approached, but wasn’t like “Great news!” it was like “(things aren’t looking as bad) BUT YOU STILL BETTER BEWARE OF CATASTROPHIC DEVASTATION!! AAAAGH!!! DOOM!

Even today – it’s gorgeous and sunny, but wants me to REMEMBER THE FURY!!! IT’S NOT GONE YET!!

10. Ummmm yeah. Things got real boring from there. I pretty much couldn’t put down this one book I was reading.

You know the feeling. The book becomes your life. Either you’re reading it, or you are laying around bored and thinking, “I should probably just go back to reading,” and you finish a chapter and don’t stop to think “maybe I should take a break,” you just keep flipping the pages and then it’s time for bed but maybe you could read one more chapter?

Surely I don’t need to tell you that this is best achieved on a rainy, lazy, hurricainey day.


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