three things i am thinking about lately

Thing #1: Somebody please pay me

In nine months, I’d like to be able to find a pretty stellar job.

I am not really picky/sure about what that job should be at this point in time. Something full time with benefits. Something doing something with books and kids and books for kids. Or not. Whatev.

I have a solid resume, but it’s going to be a goldarn competitive job market in nine months, so I’m wondering if there’s anything I should be doing now to make me look like a You Can’t Let This Girl Go kind of candidate.

I mean, anybody who has ever worked with me knows that I have all the qualities of a top notch employee: I barely ever get sick, I am a pushover for covering other people’s shifts, if you need help with something I will help you, I like to be creative, I am entertaining, I am usually on-time.

But those things don’t come off in a cover letter/resume. So what does?

Things I am thinking about:

  • Another internship?
  • A special project? Maybe a new book-ish kind of blog?
  • Getting more involved with ALA? Planning to attend annual for job interviews?

What can I do in nine months that will be fun as well as valuable for the old portfolio?

Thing #2: Busy Busy Bee

This semester, I am taking two classes and working three jobs.

Job #1 has me at work 20 hours a week

Job #2 has me at work 9 hours a week: a night and a weekend

Job #3 has me at work 6 or 8 hours a week

Class #1 is Library Technology for 3 hours a week

Class #2 is Science Fiction and Fantasy for Children for 3 hours a week

I will be out of the house for more than 40 hours a week, plus homework!

It’s not all bad: Job #3 will give me some hands-on teaching experience, which could be useful for Thing #1, all three jobs are at my dear old school, Class #2 only has two (longer) papers instead of bunches of smaller ones, Job #3 willing, I will not be working any 12 hour days, and an extra 300 or so on the monthly paycheck.

I am, however, worried about general physical and emotional exhaustion.

Stress-management tips from last semester that worked:

  • Liberal application of Excedrin, IcyHot, and caffeine
  • Fun Friday Nights
  • Guarding my Saturdays (i.e. no schoolwork or setting foot on campus

Busy-bee time-management tips from this summer that worked:

  • Making progress on schoolwork every day
  • Managing tasks in an especially nerdy spreadsheet
  • Breaking up work time by hours (four hours to do work? do A for an hour then B for an hour then C etc…)

I just want to not have a Thanksgiving-time breakdown like last year.

Thing #3: This Boy

I have gotten used to having this certain someone around the apartment.

He’s there when I get home. He’s sometimes up before I leave for work. He drives me here, picks me up there, sometimes we go to bed at the same time.

Tonight, we are picking up our farmshare at the market and then going to trivia in the evening.

He’s back to school next week.

I’m going to have some withdrawals.


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