Summer Vacay 2011

I think that smart bloggers do some extra credit writing before they leave for vacation, providing uninterrupted reading pleasure for their devoted readers.

I prefer to disappear into the abyss for weeks at a time.

I have, however, settled into a stable location within said abyss: my parent’s home. I have both some time on my hands and regular internet connection. Huzzah! This is what vacation is all about, right?

So this is what I have been up to, for the curious:

Day One: Leave Boston,

arrive in Cleveland.

Eat grilled cheese sandwiches and marvel over the cheapness that is Midwestern cocktails.


Day Two:

Hang out in Cleveland:

Eat dinner with The Roommate’s family and board games + wine + debauchery.


Day Three:

Drive to Cedar Point.

Realize quickly that I am becoming a bit too old to enjoy Cedar Point…

… or at least becoming a bit too old to enjoy Cedar Point on zero sleep and a vague hangover.

Drive to Jackson through a storm. Parents house has no power!

Take out Chinese and hanging around in the dark. Sleep.

Wake up at 4 a.m. with all the lights in the room on.

Day Four:

Drive to Oakland Township.

Eat some barbecue food at my aunt and uncle’s house.

Drive to Northbranch.

Eat some barbecue food at Lance’s mom’s house.


Day Five:

Drive into Lapeer so Lance can make some phone calls.

Drive back to Northbranch.

Drive to Saginaw to have lunch with Lance’s Mom’s boyfriend.

Drive back to Northbranch.

Watch a movie.


Day Six:

Sleep in (finally).

Drive to Flint. Walk around the mall.

Drive to Lansing. Eat at the Tuba Museum Restaurant.

Hang out at the Lake Lansing Mall until sister gets off work.

Drive to Jackson.


Day Seven:

Wake up. Drive sisters places.

Finish reading Harry Potter 5.

Watch the same episode of Master Chef twice before noon.

Buy a salad from Panera.


I will be stationed here in Jackson until Saturday morning. At that time, we will return to our New England abode, to work, to regular internet access and not spending 50% of our life in a car, and to my sweet, sweet kitty


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