hitting the road

It is true that 9 days out of 10, I do not feel like an adult. On 9 days, I am some kind of woman-child hybrid.

I blame grad school.

But there is nothing like executing a ROAD TRIP to turn my day into the 1 out of 9!

Leaving town for more than a few days is like an endless parade of adult responsibilites.

There are things to do around the house (when you are working 8 hours/day):

  • All The Laundry! And putting away All The Laundry!
  • Throwing out the potentially rotting things from the fridge
  • General cleaning so you don’t feel as if you have returned to a complete wasteland when you eventually arrive at home
  • Taking out the trash and recycling
  • Cleaning out the kitty litter with thoroughness

There are ERRANDS that you have to run (during business hours when you are working 8 hours/day):

  • Return all the potentially overdue library books
  • Buy appropriate car snacks
  • Obtain cash for tolls
  • Purchase other random travel things (Excedrin, more kitty litter, fluids for your car)

There are things to PACK!

  • Cooler full of deliciously prepared snacks
  • Clothing, clean and folded
  • Books/other entertainments
  • iPods full of new CDs and playlist

There are ARRANGEMENTS to be made!

  • When are we leaving, when are we coming back, and where are we going in between?
  • Who are we staying with on what day and how are we getting to and from the places we have to go?
  • Who will eat our farmshare?
  • Who will check in on our poor abandoned cat?
  • Who will do all the ERRANDS and the CLEANING and the PACKING????!!!

The person who has to take care of all this nonsense?


And my reward at the end of it all?

Being trapped in a car for an extended period of time.

And THIS is why I’m never geeked about vacation.

It’s much more relaxing to stay home and be a woman-child.

The End.


One Comment to “hitting the road”

  1. Okay, I must be tired, because what I read was “Obtain cash for TROLLS!”

    I hope you enjoy the road trip. You’d better, after all that grown-up crap you had to go through to get there!

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