the places she’ll go

You guys, I need help.

First, a little back story.

Waaaaaayyy back in 1985, I was born in Flemington, New Jersey. I lived there for thirteen years.

Here is a picture of a dairy farm that was .2 miles from my house!

It wasn’t completely in the sticks, though. I could also show you a picture of the Outlet Mall that was .2 miles in the other directions. But that is neither here nor there.

In the summer of 1998, my family moved to Jackson, Michigan.

Here is a picture of the man-made waterfall .2 miles from my house!

 Every summer night, there’s a waterfall show. The lights change colors in time with the piped in music. When the wind was right, I was blessed with lovely music soothing me to sleep.

(Read: The Same Loop of Seven Old Pop Songs Every Stinking Night When It Was Too Hot To Shut My Windows)

I lived in Jackson until I graduated high school and left for college in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I lived in 2 dorm rooms, a town house, and a house-house from 2003 to 2007.

Here is a picture of the four-star casino a mile from my college campus!

I just accidentally saw some porn while Googling this image. At work. But that is neither here nor there.

After undergrad, I moved back home to Jackson. I lived there for two years, until the summer of 2009.

Here’s a picture of a really classy t-shirt that a Jackson resident might choose to wear!

As long-time readers of this blog might know, two summers ago I moved to Boston. I have lived in two different apartments in Jamaica Plain.

Here is a picture of the little pond .2 miles from my apartment!

Okay. So there are the facts.

My problem is this: in 12 months, I will most likely be moving. Unless Boston entices us with some crazy jobs for next year, we are out.

But where should I go?

I basically have no clue.

Somebody tell me where to move.

Make me a pitch.

If I move to where you are, I will be your friend and bake you stuff.


6 Comments to “the places she’ll go”

  1. Jessica,

    I think you should live in LANSING MICHIGAN.

    Because that’s where I’m going to be living. and maybe we can live together. and do fun things like eat at qdoba together. and you’l be close enough to the rest of our family and to lance’s family too!

    think about it. suburban bliss, with your little sister. (and dorothy might go to school at msu so she’ll be here too!)

  2. Move to Kansas. It’s where cool people live (or used to live… ahem Elena).

    Okay, maybe not Kansas. But a girl can try.

  3. Will international options be considered?

  4. I was always partial to the US virgin islands because they speak english and there are no federal income taxes.

    but you might like it better if you came back to Michigan and were close to your family. there’s a barn like that in brandon township on seymore lake road. troy just passed a millage to save their library. the distance would be very commutable.

  5. You could move to California. Although not to my town because I live in the middle of nowhere population 1700. I call it Mayberry. But California, especially the northern part is nice.

    And I’m laughing hysterically from your line, about viewing porn on your work computer and it’s neither here nor there. Seriously funny.

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