the other side

48 hours of class, 6 papers, 123455334 Library of Congress classifications, nine novels and four straight days of conferences later…

it appears that July did not quite kill me.

However, I am feeling adrift.

This is not unfamiliar. This happened in May. A break from school leaves me with both mental and actual free time. It’s hard to adjust to that luxury. July, for me, was probably the busiest I’ve been in years. I was really impressed by how efficient I became. I cut my hours in half at my Non-Library Job… which meant that the days I did come in, I had to cram all that work that usually takes 20 hours into 10. And the schoolwork. Five hour shifts at Job #2 that used to stretch interminably flew by in July: I had so much to read, to think about, to write. I squeezed in cataloging in one or two question spurts with my evening glass of wine, staying at it until my eyelids started to droop.

So now I basically can’t figure out what to do with my time, with my brain.


Set goals or enjoy some free time?

Start a new project or clean up for a fresh start in September?

Travel or rest?

Watch some new movies or marathon Mad Men for the 7th time?

Catch up with all the posts I wanted to write or forget and move on?

Squeeze in all the planning and deep thinking I know I won’t have time to ruminate over come September or save the stress and exist in peace?

Focus deeply on something or jump around?


I will figure something out. It will take me a few days to get my bearings, but eventually the echoing on the empty, cavernous inside of my skull will stop feeling so weird.





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