the end of the tunnel

Greetings from July 28th.

I am in the Tech Lab.

I am writing a paper.

I have a class in an hour, then a barbecue, then I have to give a (very) brief public address to 100ish conference-goers.

Come back to school tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday for other conference-related-doings.

Somehow finish this paper (when?) to turn in on Monday (how?).

Then I’m done.

I am here with my Number One Roommate.

She will be doing the same, except when she turns in her paper, she will be done with school forever.

So today is her last class! Of life!

Here is her commemorative photograph.

We are almost done!



One Comment to “the end of the tunnel”

  1. I was also in the tech lab yesterday and I saw your name on the printer check out thing so I looked all around for you but you must’ve stepped out. Good luck with this mega-chl-weekend!

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