a match made in heaven


“Last night, we spent all day walking around Times Square and popping in and out of little stores until our friend got out of work. Then we went to like, five different jazz clubs and our friend got us in for free because he plays in this band and knows all the bouncer-people. One of them had ping-pong and foosball and shuffle board and pool, and then in the other room had twelve couches surrounding a little stage where everyone just jammed all night on different instruments. We drank these giant glasses of Asian liqueur – I can’t remember what it’s called but they were five dollars – and watched like, 15 or 20 different people take the stage until we left at around 3:30. Then we went back to our friend’s apartment, but he was getting a new mattress so we just went across the street to his dance studio and just slept on yoga mats with those giant fans blowing on us. It was awesome. What did you do last night?”


“I got really excited around 9:00 because I realized how I could go to bed as EARLY AS I WANTED. So I did. Oh, and you forgot your toothbrush.”


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