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July 28, 2011

the end of the tunnel

Greetings from July 28th.

I am in the Tech Lab.

I am writing a paper.

I have a class in an hour, then a barbecue, then I have to give a (very) brief public address to 100ish conference-goers.

Come back to school tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday for other conference-related-doings.

Somehow finish this paper (when?) to turn in on Monday (how?).

Then I’m done.

I am here with my Number One Roommate.

She will be doing the same, except when she turns in her paper, she will be done with school forever.

So today is her last class! Of life!

Here is her commemorative photograph.

We are almost done!


July 22, 2011

too darn hot

When the weather report looks like this:

And you are not-so-blessed with a third-floor apartment without central air conditioning,

you are forgiven for doing strange things

Such as trying to pass off the top of your swim suit as a bra.

In public.

July 16, 2011

so about that movie…


I didn’t see it yet.


Okay. Well. I WANTED to see it. Some of my more-credentialed-children’s-lit friends went to a midnight showing… but it was like 7 hours away and it was confusing and I didn’t know when Lance was getting back from New York and… bah. Some of my slightly-less-credentialed-children’s-lit friends went to the first show on Friday afternoon…

but by that point, I was sucked back into reading The Goblet of Fire and looking forward to re-watching the movie…

so I made this extremely-important, completey-life-altering decision to keep reading and keep watching the movies.

And once I finish the 7th book (ETA, end of August) then I’ll watch HP7.1 and then see HP7.2.

Glad I could share that with all of you.

July 12, 2011

ten things to know about my life right now

1. My iTunes requires two playlists, entitled “A cappella Favorites” and “A cappella Second Favorites.”

2. I am eating a farmshare by myself this week, so I have to eat entire vegetables in one sitting to make any sort of progress. “What should I bring for lunch? Well, I ate the last cucumber yesterday. How about a squash? A squash it is.”

3. Lance’s newest nephew was born a few hours ago. Now nephew Dylan has a baby brother Peyton… and his brother’s baby Emma has a new cousin. This makes me feel quite old for some reason, even though I have pseudo-nieces/nephews Cadance, Alexa, Matthew, Brianna, and Willem already! Ack! Baby presents galore!

4. My next writing assignment for my Children’s Lit class: write a 4 to 5 page recount of my personal Reading History. This should be fun, but maybe painful. We Reading People (and especially Children’s Lit People) tend to mythologize our reading history to a certain extent: we hold onto weird books we loved as small ones with too much affection than is healthy, get defensive about our reading tastes, and generally get a little tied up in that kind of mushy nostalgic stuff. I’m not exempt. I hope I will be able to come up with more than a 5 page dissertation on Karen’s two pairs of glasses in Babysitter’s Little Sister.

5. We said goodbye to extended cable, HBO & Showtime, and OnDemand movies for the summer. Good thing we are all addicted to Netflix documentaries around my apartment. And I think I have 3 or 4 straight weeks worth of True Life episodes banked on the old DVR. No worries!

6. July is flying by. Only one more cataloging assignment (once I get around to turning in the one due today) and then a 10-12 page paper (????) and then the last weekend of the month I will be attending the Children’s Literature Symposium. Which will be 4-5 days of complete madness. You can see the brochure here. If you don’t feel like downloading foreign pdfs I will leave you with this:

7. I am not a good schmoozer. In fact, I don’t really understand how people “do lunch.” I don’t have any hangups about eating in front of people, but I sometimes feel weird eating at a restaurant with friends much less someone I’m trying to impress. I am sitting in the school eating place and watching professional people lunch with one another and I am wondering why they just don’t eat ALONE. Like me. With headphones.

Then again, I do eat things like entire squashes for lunch, so anyone would probably judge me.

8. This morning I woke up when my alarm dictated, got up and tried to be awake, but then had to put myself back to sleep for a half hour. It did the trick.

Also, the cat bit me last night when I was barely awake. Jerk!

9. I am starting to enjoy unsweetened iced tea, which is Step #24 on The Road To Becoming My Mother. I’m making good progress!

However, this also marks an entrance back onto the Caffeination Super Highway. It starts out with an innocent iced tea. By the end of the week, I’m back to afternoon Diet Cokes, even though I know full well they give me a headache.

This morning I caught myself contemplating a completely gratuitous triple-shot latte!



July 11, 2011

a match made in heaven


“Last night, we spent all day walking around Times Square and popping in and out of little stores until our friend got out of work. Then we went to like, five different jazz clubs and our friend got us in for free because he plays in this band and knows all the bouncer-people. One of them had ping-pong and foosball and shuffle board and pool, and then in the other room had twelve couches surrounding a little stage where everyone just jammed all night on different instruments. We drank these giant glasses of Asian liqueur – I can’t remember what it’s called but they were five dollars – and watched like, 15 or 20 different people take the stage until we left at around 3:30. Then we went back to our friend’s apartment, but he was getting a new mattress so we just went across the street to his dance studio and just slept on yoga mats with those giant fans blowing on us. It was awesome. What did you do last night?”


“I got really excited around 9:00 because I realized how I could go to bed as EARLY AS I WANTED. So I did. Oh, and you forgot your toothbrush.”

July 10, 2011

someone to come home to

Yesterday morning, my boyfriend left me.

Positively ABANDONED ME!

Okay, cease dramatics. Boyfriend hopped on the Fung Wah bus and four hours later arrived in Some Other Big Fancy City where he is spending the next four days with his best friend since Kindergarten who has been living overseas for over two years.

You know… this one:

Boyfriend has never been to NYC, so while I am a little bummed that A) I am stuck at home and B) I am missing out on his blissed-out, new-city, i-love-to-travel cuteness, I am ultimately happy he is having a little adventure over his spring break.

Also, I get to behave like a crazy person.

I think the ladies from Sex and the City would call these my Secret Single Behaviors.

I think it’s more like when I leave Boyfriend alone for a few days and come home and the cupboards are bare because he never went to the store and instead made dinner from a dusty old can of beans, some soy sauce, and a freezer-burned bag of corn.

To each his own.

So this is what I will be up to for the next four days:

1) Watching DVDs I’ve seen 47,600 times

Boyfriend makes fun of me when I watch the same movie more then once a month,

so I better watch them all before he gets back so he won’t know I’ve already put in my July quota of inane comedies!

2) Eating Bizzarely

I make fun of that Boyfriend a lot for being a really silly eater. The last time he lived alone in an apartment, he ate all of his meals out of a single tupperware dish (that I accidentally left in his sink) for an entire year. A typical meal was a bowl of raw oats, mixed nuts, raisins, peanut butter, and a banana, all doused with milk.


Anyway. I shouldn’t talk. Yesterday, this was my eating pattern:

– 2 fried eggs

– half a bag of cherries

– almond butter on a spoon

– leftover lentil salad

– more cherries

– mixed nuts

– an entire cucumber with hummus

– cheese

– more almond butter on a spoon

– yogurt with honey and blueberries

– omelet

– salad

– more lentil salad

What is this thing you call “meal?”

I, apparently, have little room to talk.

And no time to talk because my mouth is constantly full of food.

Also: when Lance is away, I find myself returning to that Sixth Food Group I love so very much:

Hopefully I’ll be able to clear out the egg smell from the fridge before Mr. Whiney Pants comes home to complain.

3) Getting far, FAR too much sleep

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii was in bed for 12 hours last night.

I had a migraine yesterday, so I think I get an out for going to bed at 9:30.

But that doesn’t really explain why I didn’t get UP until 9:30.


I had good company, though.

So if you are looking for me this week, I will be

watching movies


and eating deviled eggs.

Hopefully Lance doesn’t read this. When he sees what his other option is, he might just stay in That Other City forever.

July 6, 2011


It is possible that my current life is completely not conducive for regular blogging.

My bad.

Take yesterday.

Went to bed after 1 a.m. after the fireworks.Woke up at 7:15. Shower. Breakfast. Out the door by 8:45. Class from 9:30 to 12:30 – spent much of this time reviewing my to-do list for the week and my schedule. Work 12:30 to 1:30, since I received over 20 work-related emails over the weekend. Did what I could in an hour, then popped back over to the GSLIS building to finish up my cataloging assignment and turn it in. That took an hour. Class 3:00 to 6:15. Home. Dinner. Tried to read a book during trivia. Bed.

Couldn’t sleep.

Running on two nights of six hours of sleep.

Falling asleep at my desk, but it’s 11 a.m. and I’m here until 9 p.m.

I tried to think of something “fast” to post about, before I nod off or start swimming through my homework again. My new clothes! I bought new clothes for the first time in a long time.

But then I tried to take a photo and ended up with this awkward little number.

That was the best shot.

So maybe it’s better if I stay away from the Internet.

Until my brain flips back on, anyway.

July 2, 2011


Things I Like

1. Comic adaptations of novels I still (despite grad school) love.

2. Re-reading the Harry Potter books and then watching each movie as I finish a book. I’m on number three!

That is quite a movie poster…

nice face/nice hair/nice creepy stair, Rupert Grint/Emma Watson/Daniel Radcliffe

3. Fancy drinks. I made this one – the Redhead in Bed – but mine didn’t look so pretty. But I wanted to do something special with the last farmshare strawberries of the season!

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly and may have gotten myself and my roommates drunk. While we watch Harry Potter.


Things I Hate

1. Feeling swamped with homework already, before my second class has even started. I had to read this book in 24 hours.

And it took me about 100 pages to notice the book’s cover and therefore feel self-conscious about reading it on the bus. Nice.

2. Being underemployed. I put out a major fire at work on Friday involving this book:

It involved two hours of near-constant attention at work, doing things beyond my job description perhaps, and was followed by three or four hours of decompressing from the experience afterwards.

All because the people who actually earn salaries and should have been carrying the fire hose were on vacation for the 4th of July.


3. Not being able to eat a breakfast sandwich at Sorella’s every morning.

I didn’t take a picture but can you picture….

– fried eggs

– American cheese

– avocado

– sprouts

– lox

all on an English muffin?

I hate that I have to make my own breakfast tomorrow.