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June 17, 2011

my life in pictures, pt. 2

Photo #1: Damian Kulash

A few weeks ago, went down to the Esplanade to see a free OK Go concert in the band shell.

I really like OK Go. There was this one semester in college when my iPod mini ceased to hold a charge and wouldn’t tolerate my bad habit of skipping madly through random songs on shuffle. I had to pick an album and stick with it. For many, many workouts, I picked Oh No.

I also really like concerts that are free, short, and out-of-doors on a nice, sunny day.

We arrived shortly after the first song ended and found a nice spot to stand near the stage but not in any danger of accidentally entering a mosh pit. This is one of my biggest fears at concerts: mosh pits can just appear and before you can get out of the way, you’re getting pushed around and your toes are all stepped on.

Anyway, shortly after we settle in for the concert, the lead singer jumps off the stage and heads into the crowd. He likes to perform this one song where he can see the audience. So he enters the audience. And parks himself four feet in front of us.

 Photo #2: Evan’s Way Park

It was a short concert, but a long walk.

We got tired on the way home. These displaced Midwestern boys I hang out with saw some grass – the same grass I’ve walked by a hundred times on my way to school and back – and decided it had been far too long since they laid upon some grass.

 What weirdos.

Photo #3: My Sister Dorothy Plays the Oboe

She is also getting her driver’s license at the end of the summer. Blech. Let’s not think about that one.

Photo #4: My Cat Is Still A Strange Sleeper