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June 15, 2011

my life in pictures

I feel weird writing something here without a picture to show you. I mean, I don’t mind READING stuff online that doesn’t have pictures, but I still feel like an entry is more substantial, more finished, if there is something interesting to look at.

This occasionally creates a problem. You see, I don’t like lugging my stupid camera around with me, and even if I did, I’m not all that great at wanting to use it. On vacations, I typically make Lance the designated photographer unless I chance upon something particularly scenic. Unlike me, Lance is constantly snapping pictures and has thousands of them to show for his efforts. All those Chihuly pics? His.

So if I must Blog With Pictures, then I only have my relatively small amount of images to pick from.

So I must Blog About Whatever It Is I Took a Picture Of.

So today, I get to tell you about how when Lance spotted his first 12 pack of Sam Summer at the liquor store a month or so ago, he grabbed the box and held it over his head and sang that little song from Zelda. You know the one when you get some really cool item?

Oh, it’s this song! Just watch the first 10 seconds.

Bonus points for being yet another awesome example of Nerdy Children On Youtube. I love all you little guys, I really do.

Anywho, so my Fully Grown boyfriend carried the box around over his head for awhile, then we paid and went home and got to drinking.

And then I memorialized the blessed event with the taking of a zillion photos of the First Pour and the First Sip and the First Tasting of the Sam Summer Season.

Lance is clearly not the only nerdy one in the household.

Also: give us a break! We had a long winter! It was probably still snowing out or something.

Well that story’s out of the way.

Additionally, I could tell you about my cat and her strange sleeping habits.

Actually, I could do a whole series of entries on that one.

Because it’s pretty much all I take pictures of.


Two Random Addendums:

1) Would you scroll back up for a moment and check out my boyfriend’s fine beard? Daaaaamn. It is gone now. He was happy to see it go.

2) Would someone like to talk me out of re-reading all 7 Harry Potter books over the next 30 days? I think I am going to have enough reading on my hands, buuuuuuut…. it’s Harry Potter!!!