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June 11, 2011

my misspent youth

Fun fact about me:

I have really weird taste in Youtube videos.

Some favorite categories:

  • Old Sesame Street clips
  • The Swedish Chef
  • Live collegiate a cappella
  • Songs I find hilarious (but make other people wonder what is wrong with me)
  • Live tornado footage

And today’s favorite:

Children With Youtube Channels

It started with this inspired video

Seriously. I could watch it all day.

And then, I became strangely impressed with The Food Reviewer and his admirable commitment to video taping himself eating every food product in his home.

I’m not sure why I am so endeared to these young videographers. However, when I chanced upon this video early this morning, it hit me.

If I had a video camera and a Youtube Account when I was 12,

I would have been recording stop-animation music videos

to Weird Al songs

with my Legos.

I am almost 100% sure of that fact.