I wish…

…… that my boyfriend would want to see Bridesmaids with me.

…… that we would win at trivia again tomorrow so we could start a TRIVIA WINNING STREAK!

…… that Sarah Dessen books didn’t have to END. (Seriously. I always put them down with 20 or so pages left so I can deny that fact.)

…… that my roooooommate would come home.

I know it’s not Phoenix, but it’s not THAT cold!

…… that I could be in Michigan RightNow.

…… that the sun would come out once in awhile.

…… that lunch tasted good with coffee.

…… that my still-working-30-hours-a-week  pseudo-vacation would last



4 Comments to “I wish…”

  1. What? Lance doesn’t want to see Bridesmaids? I’d go with you! 😀

  2. michigan and the sun are not compatible wishes.

    • Oh, did your governor do away with that too?

      • yes, he signed the bill, but it passed with a bipartisan effort in the legislature. but all is not lost as a group is spearheading a ballot initiative to amend the state constitution to make sunshine a universal right.

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