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May 12, 2011

oh, honey honey – an update

I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since I posted this really long thing about cutting back/cutting out sugar from my diet!

Finals, maaaan. They just do me in.

But allow me to update you on my progress/lack thereof.


I really succeeded at

Operative #1: Reformat Breakfast.

  • I have eaten zero bowls of sugary oatmeal/yogurt/cereal
  • I have eaten one piece of honey & toast (but that wasn’t for breakfast, so it doesn’t count)
  • I have eaten zero pancakes or cookie-based breakfast-meals.

And it’s really working for me. No complaints.

A side-bonus: I’ve been thinking a lot more critically about my breakfast foods and adjusting the how and when and what according to what will best suit my needs.

Breakfast mostly equals: egg sandwich + banana + peanut butter

Last week, when I was staring down 7, 9, 12 hour days, I’d do an egg sandwich with 3 scrambled eggs and either choke down the banana (twss) then or take it with me to eat at work when the hunger hits around 9:30 or 10:00.

Now, I’m doing some going-to-work-late days. If I want to go for a run in the a.m., I will sometimes eat my banana and peanut butter on a slice of toast right away, and do 2 fried eggs on the other slice of bread.

Same food, rearranged.

Lately, I haven’t even been craving the banana (twss!), so if I’m not too hungry, I’ll skip it all together.


I have really REALLY rocked-the-socks-off

Operative Two: Quit the DoubleTallTwoPumpMocha Habit!

Thank you, thank you. You are all so kind.

After that first plain-old-latte, I just haven’t gone back. Yeah, it sucks and it’s pretty gross, but it’s not too gross and it does get the job done.

Side bonus: I now feel more comfortable drinking coffee places other than Starbucks. A latte (two shots in a small) is fairly straightforward. I am no longer Long Annoying Order Girl.

I also think that if I was to order my old standby, I would probably think it much too sweet, which is exactly the result I was hoping for.

(P.S.: Exception: Frappuccino Happy Hour. But it will be over soon!)


Operative Three: Stop munching on sweet crap because you have nothing better to do/eat

……has been difficult

This is partly finals related, which I’m okay with. Finals week is not really conducive to things like “buying groceries properly” or “cooking meals properly” or “exercising restraint of any kind.”

So while I wasn’t being too strict with myself over it, I noticed some weaknesses, including but not limited to:

  • Free, celebratory baked goods
  • Free, easily grabbable, individually wrapped chocolate candies
  • Alcoholic beverages

It’s hard to say no to a tasty cupcake or cookie that someone brings into your office or classroom. Harder still if you haven’t eaten for a few hours.

The candy? Candy usually isn’t a big problem for me. I will chalk this one up to “stress.”

As much as I’d like to think that having a Disaronno and Coke is okay if the Coke is actually some kind of fancy, locally brewed Cherry Cream Cola from City Feed… well… it’s still got 20+ grams of sugar.

So this is where I will focus my energy for the time being:

1. Remembering not to be drunk+stupid and resisting the Siren Song of the Disaronno, the margarita, the vodka and cranberry.

2. Saying “no” to the slippery slope that is the BakedGood (once you start eating, then you start baking at home, and then? Crack cocaine)

3. Filling my diet with tasty, sugar-free things so I don’t get too hungry or resort to buying a 2 dollar pineapple yogurt (18 grams of sugar?!?) from the school cafeteria dinner. Like today.

I haven’t noticed any significant “feeling better”-ness since this month began, which I’m taking as a good sign – my sugar consumption is not super out of control. I have definitely become more sensitive to what it feels like to have TOO much sugar, which makes saying no easier.

I’m very proud of myself regarding Operatives 1 and 2. I’m definitely feeling a bit of the healthiness “snow ball effect” going on – when you start to adjust your habits, other things shift around your choices. You are more attentive. You are more likely to change some more.

I like it.