running through my dreams all night

Tomorrow is Marathon Monday, and I think all the hubbub accidentally made me crazy.

Yesterday, I was eating some nachos and reading Going Bovine at a sports bar when I overheard a guy at the table next to me chatting up the waitress.

“I wanted to come see the Red Sox game, while I’m in Boston” he said. “But it was too cold. I’m running a marathon in two days! I can’t sit outside in the cold for hours!”

This conversation went on a little too long and I became a bit annoyed by Mister “I’m running a MARATHON! in TWO DAYS!” Man, but I did notice his stylish black and green jacket.

When we attempted to go bowling later in the evening, we missed our stop because the bus didn’t do its usual turn-around thing because everything on Boylston was set up for the MARATHON. We avoided the rain by ducking into those skywalks that connect random Boston hotels with stores and malls, hoping to hit the Prudential eventually and come out the other side, next to the bowling alley.

The hotels that were jam-packed with MARATHONers, looking slim and fit and sporting their MARATHON jackets.

So this morning, I woke up with the very determined idea that I WAS GOING RUNNING BEFORE WORK. I had been considering this the day before, since I didn’t get out for a run on Saturday because I was busy trying-hard-not-to-watch-sports-at-a-sports-bar and trying to bowl. But there was an urgency here. I rocketed out of bed and ate something with protein and got dressed and out the door.

It took me awhile to remember the dream I had the night before that woke me up in a sheer panic.

Someone had asked me to run in the Boston Marathon on Monday. I had to do it. I had to get ready to do it. I didn’t have any of those Gu-things that marathoners need to keep their fuel up, but I figured if I went to the expo, I could pocket some samples. I needed that Gu! And also, I’d never run that far before, but it was only five miles… I can run 2 miles (code for: I HAVE run 2 miles in the past. like once. maybe twice), so it’s only twice that and another mile….

and then someone in my dream told me, as I was on a mad Gu dash, that a marathon wasn’t 5 miles. It was 26.2.

I woke up in a complete panic.

Somehow that translated into:

“Jessica, you need to go running in the morning before work because it is entirely possible that someone, at any moment, could ask you to run the Boston Marathon and you will have to say yes, so you should at LEAST figure out how to run 5 miles.”

Okay, then.

Well at least it got me out of bed with enough vim and vigor to

* Run/walk a mile and a half

* Bake a coffeecake

* Trash the kitchen and half clean it up again

* Call in a prescription

* Scramble some eggs

* Run to CVS

and, most importantly

* Make it to work on time.

Which, in case you are keeping track at home, is more than I did all day on Friday and Saturday, combined.

Maybe when I’m done here I’ll tackle 26.2.


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