death becomes her

Shortly after writing that last, desperate post detailing my varying physical symptoms and ailments, I almost died.

And by “almost died,” I mean, I just got sicker. Sick to the point that I missed WORK! Classes, I will skip, but work is money and money is bills and even if you are sick, the bills must be paid.

But when, on Wednesday, after sleeping in until 11, dragging myself to and from campus for less than four hours of employment felt like I deserved some kind of medal of honor. I shivered my way home and into the bath and watched my fever climb higher. And when Twelve-Hour Thursday arrived, I woke up without a hint of miraculous recovery. I took some ibuprofen, called in and woke up a few hours later soaking in sweat.


I am recovering now. No fever since Thursday night. Some lingering coughing/sinus-ness/feeling-weirdness, but it looks like I will live.

How those bills are going to get paid without my 12 hours of work last week, I have no idea, but at least:

  • I am going to live to see another day
  • I didn’t have to spend 30 bucks going to the doctor and getting antibiotics (unless I have a sinus infection…)
  • I did all that crazy paper-writing/presentation-giving madness already and I had no real work to get done while I was feverish
  • I had a cute furry pet to keep me company while I laid, sweaty on the couch watching Netflix movies all day.



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