the sickness

Apparently I am not allowed to go 30 days without contracting an illness.

Illness #1 hit its peak on January 29-30th. Generic cold symptoms: fatigue, congestion, persistent coughing. Tore up the inside of my mouth sucking down cough drops for a few days. It lingered for 2-3 weeks, and then when I was finally feeling better….

Illness #2. Lance came down with this one first: on Friday and Saturday, he ran a fever of 102. Gross cough. Fast recovery, but on Tuesday the fever returned, the cough turned painful, and he had to get a Z-Pack from the doctor and sleep through trivia. The horror!

I didn’t have to take antibiotics for this one, but I was felled overnight, woke up on Sunday with

A) a 101 degree fever

B) 4 hours of work ahead of me


C) a paper due on Monday that I hadn’t started,  instead planning on getting up early to write on Sunday morning

Oy. I was sick until Tuesday morning, skipped class, somehow still did really well on the paper.


Anyway, so that was February 27-28. I got better quickly, but for some reason still had this bit of a cough that wouldn’t go away. A cough just disgusting enough to make a nuisance of myself in most classes.

It started to get slightly more annoying on Saturday and Sunday…

and then, BAM

Illness #3.

I’ve been running a slight fever for two days, now. Just enough to make my muscles ache, to make my head hurt, to put me back on the acetaminophen train. And the cough is back with a vengeance, the kind of cough that cough drops do nothing to slow down.

I don’t want to go to the doctor, because I don’t want to be on antibiotics. I spent a few years getting sinus infections and such; I am pretty good at determining if I need antibiotics, and I don’t think I do, so what’s the doctor going to do? Either confirm my viral suspicions – rest, fluids, etc – or give me antibiotics that I don’t need, which is bad for my body and bad for MRSA or whatever.

My roommate is appalled that I don’t want to go to the doctor.

But then again, she also diagnosed me with pregnancy, menopause, mono, and lymphoma over the course of yesterday.

So if anyone’s seen my immune system… would you kindly tell it to come home? I miss it dearly.


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