i came, saw, etc.

My 18th Spring Break ended with a terrifying scramble to

A) recover from birthday shenanigans

B) write a paper on power and ideology and Speak and Ramona Quimby (don’t ask), present said paper, and discuss it during class as it related to two other books which I also had to read

C) write another paper on the teen room of the Brookline Public Library and whether or not I thought some teens that I saw at the Chestnut Hill Cheesecake Factory would want to inhabit said teen room (definitely don’t ask)

D) have a generally busy day yesterday, actually doing all that work at Job #1 that papers were distracting me from and that piled up after being away from the office for a week, going to Job #2, then driving across the state to attend Lance’s band concert

There was too much caffeine and too little sleep.

But I have come out the other side of the tunnel.

And there are a lot of good things waiting for me.

Like this book to read, Split by Swati Avasthi.

It’s one of those books-from-the-syllabus that doesn’t feel anything like a book-from-the-syllabus. I’ve been getting excited to have a seat on the bus so I can read a few pages before my stop. Well, getting more excited than usually. Getting a seat on the 39 at 8:30 a.m. is kind of like finding a five dollar bill on the street; even when you have to read Elsie Dinsmore once you sit down, you are still having a good day.

There’s also semi-good weather and earlier sunrises and less-tight schedules so maybe there can be running.

And we are getting dangerously close to flip-flops and skirts weather…..

Turquoise Havaianas? Please?

I have two full weeks with no homework assignments due. That, my friends, is as good as any Spring Break I’ve ever had. For two weeks, I just get to read books. And articles. TWO WEEKS!!

And in case the semester gets rough again (which is will, it will, it will), I bought something to look forward to once I make it out:

A ticket to Michigan to see this little one GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL.


She is almost 18 and going to University of Michigan’s nursing school in the fall.

I am going to cry a lot.

But until then, no more tears, because the worst of the semester is, perhaps, over.

And it wasn’t really THAT bad.


2 Comments to “i came, saw, etc.”

  1. no tears yet please!!

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