that boy

Saturday night, 12:45 a.m. South Huntington Avenue

Getting off the train

Getting a piece of pizza

Him: What is on your hands?

Me: Huh?

Him: You have black stuff all over you!

Me: Oh! Ah! I always touch stuff on the stupid T. What do I touch! Gah! How am I supposed to eat pizza if I can’t touch it?

Him: I guess I’ll have to feed it to you.

Me: Thanks. I’m really hungry. Maybe I can just wrap the paper plate around it…

Him: Oh, I’m going to steal your coat, by the way.

Me: What?

Him: It’s all dirty. From the train.

Me: But what will I wear? How will I keep warm?

Him: You can wear my coat. And two sweatshirts. And two pairs of socks. And a scarf.

Me: I guess I could do that.

Him: I’ll get it dry cleaned. On Tuesday.

Me: Oh, thanks.


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