this is just an update

1. The Internet Is Crazy/The World Is Miniscule

So, have I ever told you about how I met my roommate?

Well, two years ago, when I graduated myself to this Big Girl Blog, I posted a little list of Other Blogs I Read. A few of these bloggers saw that I’d linked and we struck up casual Internet-Friendships. One of those bloggers was Faryle over at Remnants of Nonsense. She was reading when I got accepted to my current grad program, and sent me a comment saying… “Um. I have a friend from college who just got accepted to the same program as you and she just moved to Boston. Do you guys want to exchange emails?”

This would be less weird if my school wasn’t basically microscopic, my dual-degree program consisting of less than 100 people, and if this wasn’t some kind of cross-US connection spanning Kansas, Michigan, and Boston.

Anyway, enter Elena! Emails + classes together + bonding over this and that. We both can barely afford to live in Boston, so we decided living together would be a good way to A) save a bit of cash B) not have to live with strangers (Elena) C) live in a nicer apartment than we could afford separately.

Fast forward to now. Lance finds out via Facebook that a friend from high school is moving to Boston. They weren’t that close, whatever. Then, Lance RUNS into this friend on the street in Coolidge Corner. A few weeks later, this friend and his girlfriend invite us over for drinks, we have a good time. Friend and girlfriend join our trivia team, even though that means trucking it from Brighton to Jamaica Plain on a Tuesday night. Fun times, making friends, etc.

I post a picture of us all hanging out on this here blog.

I get a comment from a long-time blog-friend, Allison, saying “Hey! I used to work with your boyfriend’s high school friend’s girlfriend, with whom you’ve been hanging out with a lot over the past month!”

My mind = blown.

Oh, Internet. Bringing folks together, every day.

2. Fridays

I swapped Mondays off for Fridays this semester. I thought I wouldn’t like it – Mondays off give you a chance to make up for a misspent weekend, get the week started properly, etc. Fridays off seem like a recipe for oversleeping and the chance to take an “early Saturday.”

I will tell you this, though. Twelve-Hour-Thursdays feel a lot better when I know I can sleep in the next day. And, so far, I’ve done a passable job at getting a little bit done on Fridays, especially since I have a little bit of get-up-get-go left over from the week.

It also helps not to have caffeine in the house. I have to venture out of the apartment, and I have to venture out quickly.

3. The Weather Outside is Weather

Our 17 feet of snow are starting to melt. Even though more coldness and snow is on the forecast, I am still freaking PUMPED that it is so nice this week.

I walked to the coffee shop without a coat… and without a SWEATER! Can you believe that?

And later, I’m going for a RUN!! (See: Mental Aerobics)


Hopefully, people will be able to park their bikes on the sidewalk until next December or so?

4. Two Pictures of My Two Loves

Which one is cuter?

Oh, I just can’t decide.


2 Comments to “this is just an update”

  1. Speaking of your small world…a friend of mine from CMU just got married and her husband started basic training for the Army. His drill sargeant is an ex-boyfriend of mine from high school! Small world…

  2. I’m so glad that I could play matchmaker ; ) Although, I am super jealous that you get to hang out with Elena a whole lot more than me. Totally not fair.

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