Last semester was such a mess, it’s not surprising that I’m feeling comparatively chipper lately.

But I’m still not sure why.

Still working 30 hours a week.

Still taking 2 classes.

Still sticking to the same routines.

Maybe it’s because I’m finally feeling social and mobile, dancing around Boston, visiting friends, spending too much money, staying out late and being thoroughly 25 (or 21?).

Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so peppy?

Or maybe it’s because my boyfriend is growing a beard.

Mmmm…. yeah. Gotta be the beard.


3 Comments to “lifted”

  1. ahh, i used to work with lisa!!! she’s the best.

    • uhhh for REAL? that is crazy. Internet=blowing my mind. You know her boyfriend? He went to high school with Lance.

      • I never met her boyfriend. I actually met her right before she was moving to Boston, and she mentioned being from Michigan and I thought of you because of both locations, but never thought you’d have known/come to know each other!

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