2010 Retrospective

In January, I spent two weeks in Michigan, a weekend darting in and out of ALA Midwinter, and started my second semester of grad school with a great deal of vigor and energy. Or at least I think I had a great deal of vigor and energy. If I didn’t, I certainly should have.

In February, I wrote 50 two-page papers about 50 picturebooks.

That was about it.

I also stopped eating meat for the foreseeable future. That required considerably less energy than the first task.

In March, I became a Theater-Girlfriend, and spent a lot of nights and spring breaks alone with my kitty while Lance prepared for his directorial debut: an all 4th and 5th grade version of Seussical Jr. We entertained Lance’s mother during a massive Nor’easter – sightseeing = umbrellas, restaurants, and woohoo, a The Giant Whole Foods in Dedham! I also bit the bullet and replaced my cell phone. Woohoo, texting!

In April, things started getting more fun. I visited David Macaulay’s studio in Vermont, which was equal part childrens-lit-nerdgasm and funky-crazy-roadtrip. And then… AND THEN!! MY FAMILY CAME TO VISIT ME IN BOSTON!! Later, I celebrated 7 years of blogging, got hired for my second job, survived a week in Boston without Lance, and memorized all 151 first-generation Pokemon.

It’s like I KNEW I was boring for the first 3 months of 2010.

May began with signing the lease on a new apartment for September and conquering yet another harrowing finals week. Earlier in the year, I thought finals would bring me unemployment and a brief respite from schoolwork. However, my boss scrounged up some summer work to occupy my time, I landed a swank publishing internship for the summer, and then class! Glorious, class!

The weather also became quite nice – I started running after work with Lance, and walking to and from most places.

June was just a mess of early morning Starbucks trips, 9 to 5’s, and CSA vegetables. Literally.

So in July, we hit the road. Boston to DC. ALA Annual Conference. DC to Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach to DC. Pick up passengers. DC to Boston. When I returned, there was some entertaining (Whale watching and fireworks and heat wave OH MY!), and then back to the internship/part-time job grindstone.

Lance began his first teacher’s summer vacation, and quickly took up a part-time job scouring Craigslist for free and cheap goods. When he brought home a window air conditioning unit, I cried tears of joy.

In August, there was work, packing, a weekend in Maine. A trip back to Michigan, packing, and an extended “I’m moving to Boston and I’m crashing on your couch until I find a place” houseguest.

In September, we moved.


I am so going to have to move again in September 2011 and it makes me sick to just think about.

Anyone I know want to move into my roommate’s bedroom so we don’t have to move?


In October, I went out on Halloween, under duress and in costume.


November was pretty crappy.

I tried to write a novel.

I tried to not have any nervous breakdowns.

I didn’t try hard enough.


I did get to go to two Thanksgivings, visit my aunt and uncle and cousins, ran three times a week (before daylight savings hit…) and I’m sure some other redeeming stuff that I’ve forgotten.

And now, December has ended. This month, I wrote two 10 page papers, read 17 books, and made it home for Christmas.

Hello, 2011.

How are you?

Are you going suck a little less than 2010?





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