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December 8, 2010

not-so-guilty television

Are you watching The Sing Off on NBC?

You should be.

1. Nick Lachey is the world’s worst host. He’s like a Ryan Seacrest wannabe whose main talent is showing off his freshly-bleached smile and reading awkwardly from cue cards.

2. That chick from the Pussycat Dolls is the world’s worst judge. Here is a bit of musical assessment I committed to memory from Monday’s show:

You guys. You guys are touching the real thing. You guys are the real thing. You give me chills. You are the bomb.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t quite verbatim. But she makes Paula Abdul look like a freaking musical scholar.

3. Every group gets these ridiculous matchy-matchy outfits that are really atrocious but I really kind of love anyway.

So by this description, this sounds like yet another edition of Jessica’s Guilty Television habits. Equal parts awful & awesome.





I really do love a cappella music, down to my bones. It’s just so fun and lively and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to listen to. I love hearing the lyrics to songs I thought I knew, and I love discovering great songs of all genres that I would probably never listen to if I hadn’t heard it first, a cappella. Most good a cappella groups have a sense of humor, too, and my love for comedy songs cannot be understated.

And even though it’s silly and campy,  you do have to pack some serious talent to have it all sound good and not like a big train wreck of crap. I sang a cappella for two years or so in college and it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. It’s a rush to perform and to listen to.

Oh, and Ben Folds is a host, effectively doubling any previously established awesome.

Anyway, the show is basically American Idol for a cappella groups of all sorts. It’s a short run – only 5 episodes – and groups are eliminated each night.

I’m rooting for On the Rox from University of Oregon, because they are really energetic and so far, have really interesting arrangements.

And, The Whiffenpoofs from Yale. Because even though they are pretty cocky “We Invented A Cappella” dudes, they have the right to be!

So despite Nick Lachey’s complete lack of charisma, I am tuning in and loving it.