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December 7, 2010

Wish List 2010

Last year my Imaginary Christmas List turned out to be pretty real. So maybe I’ll make that kind of magic happen again this year?

Alright, I still want one of these from Margaret and Walter even though I haven’t figured out what I will use it for, even after a year.

And since I lost my wallet, I really do need a replacement. Why not something adorable?

My qualm: this is obviously too cute and I will destroy it. Gussy, would you consider sewing up some little purses for us who abuse our purses and handbags? Something in canvas, perhaps? P.S. I don’t think we met, but we went to college together. I figured this out by recognizing a picture of your husband on your blog. Awkward/Amazing. Fire up Chips!

Aaaaaand anyone want to buy me these?

No takers? Nobody? Ignore the price tag: I assure you, I’m worth it.

I’m asking my parents for a lunchbox. I am lame.

The Amazon Wishlist has been properly updated. Maybe I’ll see a few of these under the tree.

And… well… I’m currently iPod-less. Which is a sad state to be in.

I wouldn’t be opposed to an upgrade, if anyone was feeling particularly generous.


But I’m totally satisfied with a good old mini. I promise!

And with that list, I thought I found every last thing I could ever want. I really did. But then I chanced upon the Shabby Apple jewelry page.

Want. Want. Want.

Especially that one in the middle.

They texted me a coupon code, in case anyone’s secretly shopping for me *cough* Lance *cough*. Just enter “sparkle” when you check out.

If you want to, that is.

No pressure.

I mean, surely I will buy YOU something nice, too.

Although I don’t know what, exactly, that is yet…