i’m thinking about what’s worth thinking about

Things are quieting down, just like I’d hoped they would. I shouldn’t have to get up at 6:00 a.m. any more to pay Starbucks $4.15 for the honor of studying at her tables before work. I shouldn’t have to stay up past my bedtime. I shouldn’t have to skip showers or meals. I don’t think so, anyway.

This week feels like such a different life than last week, just because I have the divine luxury of DOING ONE ASSIGNMENT AT A TIME, and the right to READ WHATEVER I DAMN WELL PLEASE, WRITTEN DURING WHATEVER CENTURY I PREFER.

Heaven help me when, in sixteen short days,

I have seventy-two hours of NOTHING TO DO.

what does that feel like again?

I’m enjoying this One Paper At A Time lifestyle enough as it is.

Family, I might not make it home for Christmas because it’s possible that on December 22nd, I will go into a coma.

And until then,

I’ll be laying low,

dreaming coma dreams.


One Comment to “i’m thinking about what’s worth thinking about”

  1. The sisters voted and they will accept your comatose body for the holidays! Just have Lance drop you off.

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