one two

Lately, the universe seems to reward with a big, fat punch in the face.

This weekend gave me two:

1) Academic Failure

My “manageable workload” for the remaining 2 weeks of school has now become unwieldy. Ouch.

2) Lost Identity

Somewhere between Wednesday class at 6:30 and packing at 10:30, my wallet disappeared.

I have extended all logical options other than A) wait for some kind person to mail it to my parents’ address or B) somebody is enjoying my iPod, my 30 dollars cash, and all of my forms of identity. Oh, and my library book.

And now that I’m calling around, trying to figure out how to get replacements of all of those lost cards and such, I’m really wondering what the heck happened to my Social Security card and my birth certificate. Because they seem about as lost as my wallet, which means I am a Woman With No Identity (or debit cards or credit cards or library cards or iPod).

Things I can do today?

– Keep looking for any proof that I am who I say I am

– Keep calling customer service representatives who are entirely unhelpful/unfriendly

– Pat myself on the back for freezing little baggies of pesto so I have something to eat this afternoon, because the fridge is empty and I can’t buy anything like lunch because I have no identity.

– Run sans iPod

– Waiting for Lance to come home so we can buy things

– Be thankful that I have a Lance to buy things for me, because if I didn’t have him, this whole ordeal would be even more painful.

– Attend to my Academic Failures

– Lavish attention on my exceedingly needy kitty cat.

So that’s what I’ll be doing until I don’t know when. Just sitting over here, getting punched in the face.


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