michigan bound

I am thankful that I only have a (small) paper and a class standing in between me and Michigan.

Well, not including half of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

I am thankful for parents who raised me on The Road Trip. I’ve dropped quite a few jaws lately discussing my whirlwind holiday plans, but thanks to you guys, 32+ hours in the car over a span of 5 days doesn’t really faze me at all. Hey, at least I don’t have a paper due on Monday like I did LAST Thanksgiving!

I am thankful (and incredulous) that the semester is actually winding down and that I have a manageable amount of work ahead of me, some of which can be done during those 32+ hours in the car.

I am thankful for the seemingly endless amount of opportunities that keep falling into my lap.

I am thankful that after December 3rd, I can read books that were not published in the 19th century.

I am thankful for the little excitements of the holidays: baking, parties, twinkly lights, carols, gift buying, book lists, 2011 planners, etc

I am thankful to be continually employed.

I am thankful that I get to spend 2 weeks at home over Christmas. Oh goodness… so, SO thankful.

I am thankful for those who are waiting for me there.


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