the busy day

Thursdays =

6:45 a.m. Up early enough to cook up a bowl of steel-cut oats.

This takes about 6 times as long as breakfast preparation should, but informal experiments indicate that steel cut oats ACTUALLY fill me up, as opposed to the following other supposedly filling breakfast foods:

– fried eggs

– egg + cheese sandwiches

– egg + cheese + veggie omelets (although these come close)

– high protein, high fiber cereal

– low fiber, low protein cereal

– toast with peanut butter

– regular oatmeal with nuts

So I cook my ridiculous oatmeal and read a little Ragged Dick while I wait.

8:10 a.m. Leave the apartment dressed and with enough supplies & food to get me through the day.

Opt to take the train, since having enough supplies & food to get me through the day means I am, yet again, carrying two overstuffed bags, and there’s really no room on a morning-rush bus for me and all of my crap.

Run for the train, burdened like the beast I am with aforementioned crap.

8:30 a.m. Get to Job #1 early. Absolutely no advantage to being at work early.

Commence working:

– sending email after email after email

– telling people after people after people that no, I know nothing about Study Abroad, I am sorry that somebody who I have never met has yet to hire a Director, I get paid 13 dollars an hour do you think I have ANY influence over the administration here? But you have my sympathy, I promise, and I will dutifully listen to your questions.

– printing things

– sending more emails

– fretting over research assignment. Is this qualitative? Quantitative? Exploratory? Descriptive? I hate my life? Questions of Theory? Phenomenological? Good gravy, just kill me now?

– registering for LIS classes. 10 minutes before registration period opens, realize that some major academic planning has not yet occurred. Frantically map out rest of graduate school career. Feel impressed when this takes 6 minutes. Sign up for two courses, plan to drop 1.

3:00 p.m. Leave Job #1. Head to library. Spend my single precious hour of free-time finding articles and books potentially pertinent to my research project.

4:00 p.m. Assume position at Job #2.

– Answer questions from First Year Students who do not know how to use the library.

– Answer questions from disgruntled PhD students who just need their articleokaythanksWHYISINFORMATIONNOTFREETOTHOSEWHOSEEKIT? I don’t know, man, I just don’t know.

– Answer questions from my classmates. Feel awkward.

– Update a wiki. Feel technologically advanced.

– Fret over Research Assignment.

– Read a Public Safety email reminding me to never walk around alone in the dark, otherwise I’ll get attacked like the girl that got attacked the other day.

9:00 p.m.

Leave work, walk alone in the dark to the bus.

Hopefully, arrive without being attacked.

Hopefully, don’t miss my bus stop for the third time in one semester.

Hopefully, I will figure out how to use the word “hopefully” in a grammatically correct way.

Hopefully, I will go right to sleep and dream of research designs and methodologies.

Hopefully, my cat will be waiting for me in a basket.


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