Lance has been sick, and when he comes home from work, he sleeps on the couch all evening and then convinces me to go to bed before 10 p.m.

You’d think I would wake up fresh and chipper and full of life.

Oh, no. I don’t. I wake up sick!

And the dreams – oh, the dreams. Anyone else have their dreams kicked up a notch when they are ill? I still remember some of my dreams from various childhood illnesses, they were that weird. This week’s dreams were a variation on the standard “Anxiety Dream – Transportation Related” format. Earlier in the week, my 17-year-old sister took me on a joyride, and when the cops started tailing us, she wouldn’t/couldn’t pull over.

Today, my family and I got onto a subway train, and it turned into an airplane, and flew through a tunnel.

Oy vey.

I think I’ve played too many racing video games.

So I hobble sickly around the apartment and contemplate the disaster that is Unpaid Sick Leave. Seriously, now. I had to go to work, no questions asked, because if I stayed home, I would miss out on about 150 dollars worth of paycheck, with no time left in my schedule to consider making up the hours. And I’m not that sick, not too sick to function. So I’m here, functioning, and infecting the rest of the school.

This is a public health issue, people. Paid time off for everyone! Is that somewhere in our new health care bill?

Things I Don’t Have

Paid sick leave



Things I Do Have

Cough drops

A pimple

A drink

A cup of ice

And 10 and a half hours to go!


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