curiouser and curiouser

There are so many strange things going on in this photograph.

Why does my dog have a leash on in the house?

Why did my parents have a fish in a strange, cylindrical jar? And how small does a fish have to be in order to live in such enclosed quarters?

Where, exactly, did my parents get that strange, gray, furry puppet and why was its name “Normal?”

Why do I remember the strange, gray, furry puppet’s name?

Is that a missing patch of carpet? Or was I playing with corrugated cardboard again?

Did my parents notice my misshapen, protruding ribs when I was a baby? Were they at all concerned?

When is that red dictionary going to fall apart?

And what season, exactly, necessitates THAT kind of outfit?



3 Comments to “curiouser and curiouser”

  1. You should have tagged this with “topless photo” and see your blog hits skyrocket.

  2. and the use of red throughout the photo…

  3. I am now in tears laughing

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