the weather, again

This morning I walked to the train slightly ahead of two girls, my age, who ran into each other in the Starbucks.

One girl asked the other what she was up to – was she still working at the place where they met?

“No,” the other girl said. “I actually just quit.”

After a comfortable amount of small talk, the one girl asked her why she left, what she’s doing now.

“I started a blog,” the other girl said. “About four months ago. I’m really going to focus on that…”

*Insert seven thousand internal judgments here*

“… and it’s getting written up in next month’s Improper! You should look for it!”

Oh, wait, you didn’t mean “I quit my job and my life is a mess but GEE WHIZ, I have this BLOG!” you meant “I started a blog that’s getting pretty successful and I’m banking enough ad money to quit my job and work on being more awesome and popular and super cool.”


I missed one train by about 3 seconds, had my fare card denied, and got trapped on a disabled train  stopped about 30 feet from the station.

I got a little lost trying to walk to school from a different stop.

And I wore my sweater inside out.

But at least the sun was out.


One Comment to “the weather, again”

  1. Sometimes life is just unfair. And I hate that.

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