So my blogging friend Ashley is doing this video blog thing for the month of August. Fun stuff. I watched her latest vlog while I ate my lunch just now – the theme? Things I Am Bad At – and I found myself wanting to leave all these sympathetic comments ("Oh, jeez, even people who know how to cook still cook the same things every night! And if you buy a DSLR, you’ve basically spent 500 dollars to guarantee your pictures will all come out pretty decent, which is what we all do, I think. And I hate mingling! What the heck? Can’t we all just sit at home and be friends on the internet?)

Then I started to think about the things that I am not good at, and I wondered if I were reading them about someone else, if I would jump up to their defense like I wanted to jump up for Ashley. Come on, self, we are all bad at life! Let’s just suck together!

Things I Am Bad At

1. Phone Skills

I am bad at calling people I don’t know. I am bad at calling people I do know. I am bad at returning phone calls. Heck, I am bad at just ANSWERING my phone, because I’m really bad at keeping track of the damn thing. I leave it in Lance’s car on a regular basis. Leave it at work and head home. Leave it at home when I head to work. I left my phone in one of the slots of a six-pack of Woodchuck, put it in my fridge, and couldn’t find my phone for four days. One time, my dog got out of the yard and when I bent down to grab her collar and haul her back in, my phone fell out of my pocket and it was in my neighbor’s yard for 12 or 18 hours. Even if I have my phone, it’s probably not charged, or I turned off my ringer for class and never turned it back on.

2. Maintaining A Steady Mood

I’m having a good morning! I walk to work and by the time I get there, I am inexplicably grumpy. Or, I have a fine day, no complaints, until I get home and I start to slowly die. Somebody is rude to me at the bank? Life ruined. Late lunch? Blood sugar crash – suddenly wish to die.

This tendency continues at a macro-level as well – for a week, I will cry every day, and then I’ll be fine. Completely healed of my emotional trauma.

It’s so annoying!

3. Reading One Book At A Time

Who can do that? Seriously. Impossible.

4. Keeping Tidy

I’m a wannabe neatfreak, but you would never know if from my apartment. I’m getting better at maintenance, but some things – hanging up wet towels, making the bed, putting away laundry, taking out recycling – just plain don’t get done.

5. Throwing Things And Having Them Land Where They Were Supposed to Go

Like the trash. Or someone’s hands.

6. Remembering To Take My Diet Coke Out Of the Freezer Before It Explodes



I am good at a lot of things too. Maybe I’ll write about those later. Right now, though, I need to plug in my phone.


2 Comments to “unskilled”

  1. I read books one at a time. I think it is a result of poor attention. I cannot remember what is happening in a book if I am reading another. Also, that is a weird thing to be bad at…or good at for that matter.

  2. This is awesome. I could list so many other things I’m bad at too. Watching people’s videos and reading your list, I’m like, “yup, that one too.” Not that I’m not sometimes insecure about these things, but generally they don’t bother me. I’m much more concerned with being good at the things I really care about.

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