Summer Reading 2010 – Update

Books read since June 21: 18

4 manuscripts

2 middle grade novels

7 young adult novels

3 adult novels

2 memoirs

Books read on vacation:

Books read since returning from vacation:

Books left to read before September 1 to meet my totally arbitrary goal: 8

4 Comments to “Summer Reading 2010 – Update”

  1. Very impressive! How are the Sloppy Firsts books?

    • Jessica Darling and I go way back (I blogged about it when the final book came out last summer – So yes, I love them, although re-reading for the bazillionth time, I’m a little annoyed by the later sequels and their tendency to retell ENTIRE STORIES from the first two, over and over again. I read those books, Megan! You don’t have to repeat yourself.

      Even more impressive – your ability to read blogs and comment 36 hours post partum. Kudos! I hope you are enjoying motherhood 🙂

  2. How was Push? I’m hesitant to pick it up.

    • It was just about as horrifying as you’d expect, but so good. One of those stories that we need to hear so we don’t forget that they happen every day, to real children. I read it in about 6 hours.

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