said and done

So I guess now that my endless stream of vacation nonsense has come to a close, I must return to blogging about other things. Things not from a few weeks ago.

Maybe something about What I Did Today?

I made a smoothie for breakfast but it wasn’t that good. When you take the time to make a smoothie for breakfast, you expect it to be awesome, right? Right. It wasn’t. But now I have four more chopped up frozen bananas to eat up…

Something from the future?

I am woefully confused about my future career again. Maybe I never want to do another storytime. Would that be so wrong? Maybe I don’t care about my job that much, as long as I can make okay money and do it wherever I roam. Even if I have to do storytimes…

Or something from the past? Farther than two weeks past?

When I was twelve, I owned a short sleeved, mock-turtle neck minidress, made of royal blue crushed velvet. Hot.

Something insightful?

I can’t even pretend to have insights in italics right now.

Something witty?

That’s what she said.


oh I give up.


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