jamaica plain

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boston, Massachusetts

Jamaica Plain

On the last official day of vacation,

I decided to go to work.


But then I took to the T home at noon, and found myself at the Sam Adams Brewing Company, taking my third brewery tour in twelve months.

Tour number two for those two guys.

I didn’t have time for lunch, except for a quarter of an Ula’s sandwich, shoved in my mouth while we walked across the brewery complex.

This resulted in the following consquences:

1. Lance fell madly in love with Sam Summer, and our fridge might be stocked religiously for the rest of the season

2. I got drunk at 1 p.m.

Me being drunk at 1 p.m. resulted in a few more consequences:

1. Following a text message tip, we walked to Boing! to buy cat-shaped silly bands.

2. I spent a long time contemplating the books at Goodwill.

Which one did I buy?

And to round out a Vacation-In-My-Own-Neighborhood, I ate my favorite sandwich at City Feed & Supply, and then had a drink and played Scrabble at the Brendan Behan Pub, aka “The Dog Bar.”

No dogs were sighted.

The next day,

vacation was over.


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