Monday, July 5, 2010

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Whale Watching Tour

You guys ever heard of Groupon?

Oh, you guys.

I Grouponed some tickets for a four-hour whale watching tour, 25 bucks a head.

We drove madly through Boston to make our appointment,

and by 1:00, we were on board,

and cans of beer were only 2.75! Who knew?

How many whales would we see?

We took bets.

Lance said 3.

Frank said 4.

I said 7.

We saw like, 20.

But first, we saw a fin.

The tour lady said it was a floating flat sunfish or something. Common to the area.

But she was wrong.


Oh. Snap.

It was so much fun.


One Comment to “whaaaaaaales!”

  1. A shark? I may have screamed my head off! Looks like a lovely day out on the water other than that though!

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