country superstar fireworks

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Boston, MA

The Esplanade

On Saturday, Lance and I had to leave.

I forgot to tell my Grandpa until I was going to bed the night before.

He was shocked.

I was shocked!

But we had places to go,

people to pick up from D.C,

and fireworks to watch.

And boy, did we get a choice location.

Highlights included:

  • high schoolers on hallucinogens hosting a guitar sing-along circle
  • some old-fashioned, Midwestern parenting: screaming parents, Burger King for dinner, and projectile glowsticks landing on my stomach
  • a far too epic adventure to acquire pizza
  • active members of the Toby Keith Fan Club who, as our companion Alesa put it so succinctly, were obviously caught in a Rad Bromance. And who did push-ups during the chorus.
  • A guy busted by the cops for stripping off his shirt and swimming across a pond. Sakes alive!

Oh, and the fireworks.

They were pretty.


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