the city of light

Monday, June 31, 2010

North Bethesda, Maryland

A year ago, I spent a week riding the Metro around D.C. with two silly boys from Flint, Michigan.

A certain station on the red line caught their attention.

And when asked what he wanted to do in the city, while I was conferencing, one of those silly boys replied, repeatedly:

“I want to go to White Flint!”

So we spent a few hours wandering around an extremely upscale shopping center outside of the city.

I’ll let you make your own jokes.


One Comment to “the city of light”

  1. I used to date a boy who lived in Flint, Michigan. Small world…

    He turned out to be gay (sigh… didn’t see that one coming!) so I bet he’d have a great time at the upscale shopping centre!

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