I am at Starbucks.

My boyfriend made me go, because he knew if I didn’t go I wouldn’t work on my paper and then I would be grumpy.

I am working on my paper.

It’s about one of my favorite books:

All I can hope is that I will be able to read it again without any negative, academia-related memories, someday.

I think I’ve read it five or six times now.

But it never made me cry, until this last time. While riding the red line, natch.

Did you know that this is my last week of class?

Did you know that on Friday, I am leaving town?

After a successful 2009 trip, I am returning to the District.

And then, on Monday, we head even further south for a little time in Myrtle Beach?

I cannot wait for this leg of the journey. Beach + Shopping + Family + iLovemyGranparents

And then. We’re driving back to DC and picking up a few passengers for our journey back to Boston, including my Favorite Friend Frank?

Oh my gosh.

Can you really blame me for not wanting to write this motherwa2i3jr[oaifir429048ing paper?

I love you Alaska,

but I’ve got summer on my mind…


5 Comments to “howdy”

  1. yay for traveling!!! im going to nyc this coming weekend, then back to the district for… well, no passengers, and an extended stay, but THEN going to boston! whooo

  2. we’ll be in boston august 13-16! our friday night is free, and saturday day. we have plans saturday night (aerosmith show!) and sunday morning. we leave… mid-day monday i think. let me know!!!

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